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"God meant all along for disciple making and church planting to be the domain of ordinary christians"

Jerry Trousdale

Jerry Trousdale chronicled the story of hundreds of thousands of people coming into a relationship with Jesus in Miraculous Movements. The story is certainly miraculous but it is connected to the habits of Jesus. These men and women were discipled into a relationship with King Jesus and equipped with a strategy to partner with their God and King to bring heaven to earth.

This website is dedicated to helping you explore, learn, practice and connect with men and women globally who are engaged in the same lifestyle of multiplying disicples often referred to as discovery model Disciple-Making Moments (DMM). New Generations offers this access to the materials and training of effective disciple-making movement catalyst. Our values demand that we operate with an open-source mentality and hope that we might pass on what GOd is teaching us and we trust you will do the same.

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Join Roy Moran as he interviews DMM practitioners from all over the world about how the disciple-making movement can become a staple in the movement towards every man, woman, and child in North America hearing the redeeming story of Jesus. 

Over the last several months and years Roy has had the opportunity to interview, and be interviewed by Many of the leading DMM practitioners across the globe. Many of who have experience with pandemics such as Ebola. Click the image to access all the webinars New Generations North America has available. 

A seven-week journey into the essential mindset and habits of a disciple of Jesus who multiplies themselves in the lives of others.

16 hours ago
Timeline Photos

Greetings All,
These are troubled times around the world.

Psalm 81 offers this encouragement:
1″Sing for joy to God our strength”…
7 “You called in trouble and I rescued you.”

The irrefutable See more

1 day ago
New Generations

The story of God’s faithfulness continues through all generations, because He is the same yesterday, today, and forever! Have you experienced God’s faithfulness in your life?

2 days ago
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It’s a huge motivator in the Christian faith.
It’s what compels us to move, act, and respond to a hurting world, just like Jesus does.
It’s also a trait that stands out in this world. See more

3 days ago
Part 1 : Person of Peace – New Generations

Person of Peace Part 1
A Person of Peace is not just a friendly and hospitable person. Many people in today’s society are kind and welcoming, but not a Person of Peace. A Person of Peace is the one See more

A Person of Peace is not just a friendly and hospitable person. Many people in today’s society are kind and welcoming, but not a Person of Peace. A Person of Peace is the one that God has prepared See more

4 days ago
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Our passion is to mobilize disciples that make disciples, resulting in churches that plant churches. Together we have planted 18,851 new churches within 229 new unreached people groups. It is See more

4 days ago
New Generations

Successful Disciple Making Movements begin not with a program or technique, but with a passion for seeing a city truly follow Jesus. The desire must be heartfelt and deep.

In this video, we hear See more

4 days ago
Timeline Photos

An Update from Jim and Vicki Egli. Jim is Curriculum Development for New Generations North America

“Thanks for your prayers!

Here’s how you can pray in the weeks ahead…Ask for God’s protection, See more

6 days ago
Timeline Photos

We define a movement as at least 100 new churches that have multiplied to the fourth generation. Together we have gathered those who are drawn to God and founded 17 new Disciple Making See more

6 days ago
New Generations

To find out more information about how you can get involved head to newgenerations.org to read more about the impact DMM is having globally.

Did you know Christianity has reached a plateau of sorts when it comes to making disciples in the world? Over the past 100 years, Christianity remains only 30% of the world’s population. We are See more

1 week ago
Photos from New Generations North America’s post

Jim and Vicki recently returned from a 4-week trip to Côte d’Ivoire. Their work is incredible and innovative.

If you want to hear some of what God is doing in West Africa, you’re invited to a See more

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