Disciple-making is a team sport.  You need a community of people to learn and practice the habits of multiplicative disciple-making.  The Great Commission was given to a team, Jesus discipled a team, the New Testament demonstrates that Great Commission activity is team activity from start to finish.



  1. We encourage you to gather a group of people

  2. Watch the learning adventures below

  3. Use the Team Learning sheets to solidify your learning

  4. Build an accountable culture by completing the action items


  • Download Team Learning Guide, click here


Basic Intro to DMM

    • (10 minute self guided video study)

How to start

      • (1:25 video)

Habits of Multiplying Disciple-makers

    • (6 min overview video)

Leaders Learning Guide

Click on links below to get short 10 min videos that correspond with the Learning Guide above.


Principles of Gospel planting movements

    • (6 Lessons with video)

Mindset Shift from Ministry to Movement

    • (5 lessons with video with worksheets based on 10 Mindset Shift from Spent Matches)

David Watson on Movements

    • (5 lessons with video)

How to facilitate a Discovery Group

    • (10-minute training video)

Leading in Movements

    • (50 minutes of Aila Tasse)

Relationship between inside and outside leaders

    • (30 minutes video Dave Hunt and Aila Tasse)